The Truth about Cherry Bomb Exhaust

So what’s the deal with cherry bomb exhaust?
Cherry Bomb Exhaust is simply a brand name for a glass packed exhaust muffler. This glass packed straight through tube, which is usually a little larger in diameter than your stock exhaust pipes, replaces the stock muffler. Glass is packed around the whole diameter of this tubular muffler, which reduces the high frequency exhaust noise while retaining a healthy, deep exhaust note. The end result is a lot less muffled sound as compared to stock mufflers.

Glass packs cherry bomb exhaust muffler review

Glass packs, A.K.A. cherry bombs, do not increase engine performance, they are more of an inexpensive way to bring out a throaty and healthy exhaust note from an engine, right from low RPM’s. (Several glasspack brands and information could be found here).

Glass packed mufflers were popular on old muscle cars starting out back in the 50’s. It is still popular on certain American made cars, trucks, and SUV’s. From experience, glass packs usually sound the greatest on V8 powered vehicles. In certian cases, 6 cylinder engines may benefit sound wise from glass packs.

Over time, the glass within the glass packed muffler, or cherry bomb, starts disappearing. That creates an even louder exhaust note and rumble. As a rule of thumb, the older the glass packs, the louder they become.

Glass packs cherry bomb exhaust muffler review

There are some manufacturers of glass packs, like Magnaflow, have moved away from packing the glass packed mufflers with glass. Different acoustically engineered material are now used to help minimize corrosion, and keep the same properties of the glass packs over time for maintaining consistency of sound.

In most cases, glass packs require cutting of the old muffler, resonator, or both, then welding the glass packs, or cherry bomb in position. In certain cases, the glass packs could be slip-fit over the stock exhaust pipes. (You can find more information about purchasing a Cherry Bomb Exhaust here).

With all honesty, if you are looking for major performance gains, especially on a newer model vehicle, glass packs alone is not the way to go. Instead, we recommend you to read our exhaust reviews which include headers, cat-backs, xpipes, and performance mufflers reviews, for real performance and sound gains. For a list of car specific exhaust reviews, click here.


Photo Credit: Photo 1, CherryBomb. Photo2, Lawson Industries.



  1. CHERRYBOMB says:

    Let’s start by saying “For more information on CHERRYBOMB visit“.Yes CHERRYBOMB is a brand name exhaust company that offers a glass pack type muffler, but did you know CHERRYBOMB also offers 6 other types of performance mufflers other than the glass pack? CHERRYBOMB also offers “X” pipes, hardware, mandrel bends,cat-back and axle back systems for many newer vehicles, some kits even use the glass pack muffler. Truth is the good old glass pack still out performs most performance mufflers on the market today. The straight thru design is proven to make more HP in the upper RPM range than most after market performance mufflers. If you notice these days most “race mufflers” are straight thru design. As a matter of fact if you go look at some of our competitors cat-back systems, they use a straight thru design muffler also. There is a reason for that, it works! Yes the glass pack is normally louder than other after market performance mufflers, but glass packs are also offered in different lengths to help control the sound. Longer the glass pack the quieter it will be. In 50’s there were companies like Maremont(our old parent company), Smithy, and Porters that were the muffler / glass pack of choice for Hot Rods, Kustoms, and Gasser drag race cars. CHERRYBOMB and other exhaust companies did not come into the picture until 1968, right in the middle of the muscle car boom. Technology has really changed since those days and even CHERRYBOMB has “different acoustically engineered materialare” glass packing that doesn’t “disappear” and “used to help minimize corrosion, and keep the same properties of the glass packs over time for maintaining consistency of sound”. CHERRYBOMB has even incorporated the straight thru design into our patent VORTEX muffler, our all around best performance muffler, which eliminates cruising drone, made 17 more foot lbs of torque, and flowed 35% more than a chambered muffler(testing done on a GM ZZ4 crate engine on Horsepower TV). The glass pack was the only muffler, out of the other 5 tested, that produced more HP than the VORTEX. Yes there are many types of performance mufflers out there and some may be a better fit or sound for your application, but to say the glass packs “do not increase engine performance” is a incorrect statement and we can prove it.

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  2. Davette says:

    Cherry Bombs do sound great on true American muscle. I’ve never really paid attention about their other offerings.