VW GTI VR6 MK3 Jetex Catback Exhaust Review and Quick DIY

Car Maker: Volkswagen
Year: 1998
Model: GTI
Engine: VR6 2.8 Liter
Transmission: 5 speed manual
Body Style: 2 Door Hatchback
Exhaust Modification Type: Cat Back Exhaust
Purchased/Made: Purchased
Exhaust Brand: Jetex Aluminized Exhaust

Here is what the owner of the GTI VR6 had to say about the JETEX catback exhaust system…

The goal was to replace the stock exhaust with one that provides a low restriction, quiet operation and a low drone at Freeway speed. The VR6 likes to rev, average freeway RPM is 3000~4000. In this RPM range, the stock exhaust feels like it’s chocking the engine.

After searching through various exhaust makers, I found a wide range of models from the loud and obnoxious that only add a modicum of power to the ones that are quiet and refined while significantly increasing the performance. And as I thoroughly studied the respective reviews, I decided to use the Jetex exhaust: a cat-back aluminized steel system with resonator.

The Jetex exhaust at low RPM sounds amazing, the idle sound is deep and sporty yet not loud. The exhaust gets quieter at higher RPM (~3000+, on 5th gear), freeway cruising speed and you could easily have a conversation with a passenger without having to yell.

The Jetex exhaust is even quieter than the stock exhaust until you step on the gas and then the exhaust gets louder as the engine comes to life roaring with a deep grunt. One could feel the responsiveness and the surge of power that follows it around 4000 RPM. However one thing to mention is that there was a noticeable amount of torque loss at low RPM compared to the stock setup.

The Installation wasn’t straight forward. After initial installation the ends tips looked off-center and not level. After twisting and turning the tubes we got the exhaust end tips to look Ok but not perfect, it was a nightmare for the mechanic.

Another issue I had is that it leaked from underneath the supplied brackets. Tightening the brackets even more caused it to bend. We had to weld the area where the exhaust gas was leaking through. See below the image above.

Overall, I am very happy with the new Jetex exhaust. I have had it for 4 years now and I have never had any issue with it since the initial installation.

For more info about this car, the owner Karim Salha, and more MK3 GTI VR6 do-it-yourself help, visit DIYrabbit.com. Please post any comments or questions you may have about the VW GTI VR6 MK3 Jetex Catback Exhaust Review and Quick DIY below.

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