What’s an exhaust or muffler drone?

Exhaust Drone, eahhh… There are many exhaust systems out there that claim an increase in performance, decrease in back pressure, and weight benefits over stock exhaust systems. But one thing they tend to overlook is exhaust drone.

Aftermarket performance race exhaust systems usually drones at the lower RPM range in cruising gears. As you’re driving your car or truck down the road at around 65-75 mph, generally in the highest gears, a poorly developed exhaust system emits an annoying deep bass-like noise. The frequency of this noise this noise translates into the cabin, shaking everything from some interior trim, to your spare change.


Recently one of my good friends who happens to drive a Viper GTS asked my advise about a street legal exhaust system. Knowing that his car is a daily driver in the spring and summer. I told him to look for the following in the exhaust: performance increase, weight reduction, corrosion resistance material like stainless steel or titanium, nice exhaust tips matching the style of the car, and a drone free ride allowing you to hold a conversation with your passenger(s).

Bottom line, don’t buy what everyone else is buying for a car similar to yours. Read or watch transparent and helpful reviews, preferably from individuals that value things other than “just” a loud exhaust.

Stay tuned, we will be doing a detailed write up on the Viper exhaust once it’s installed.


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